I’ve got extensive television experience, having appeared in a number of documentaries, including the award-winning Arranging Love, and regularly appeared on SBS and ABC TV’s popular prime time programs The Drum and The Mix.


I’m an experienced TV producer, presenter and interviewer, having produced and presented ABC News’s India Now! program, producing or presenting stories on  the dark history of colourism, what the Raj really did to India, sari stories, how one of Indian cuisine’s most essential – and divisive – ingredients isn’t actually grown in India and more, with my stories among the show’s most viewed. I also provided essential culturally relevant and sensitivity guidance and editorial advice.

If you’d like an engaging, informed, eloquent guest for your next show or a culturally-sensitive producer and diverse presenter who can help you showcase new and interesting stories, please get in touch with my agent Jane Novak at Jane Novak Literary Agency.

The complex history of chess

I know, I sound like that Indian dad. But did you know the game of chess has roots in 6th century India? And that Indian grandmasters are now dominating the game as much as Indian cricketers do their sport?


Whisky Business… India’s Love Affair with Scotch

India is now the world’s biggest buyer of Scotch whisky by volume, overtaking France this year. It seems India just can’t get enough of the stuff — so what’s with the love affair?


Holy Cow! How did India become one of the world’s top beef exporters?

Cows are sacred and protected in India, and eating – or even possessing – beef can lead to heavy penalties. So how did India become one of the world’s top beef exporters?


Made in the West TV
Made in the West Film Festival

I’m really proud of my association with the wonderful Made in the West Film Festival, which showcases and develops exciting and diverse talent from my old stomping ground in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, reflecting our rich multicultural community and its inspiring stories, with a number of alumni making in the acclaimed Here Out West anthology film featured on ABC TV. I’ve also hosted MITW’s online festival and been a judge, lucky to see some amazing and original films! Click on the link under the title for more information on how you can enter this year’s competition, or come along to the gala screening!



Talking about Being Black and Chicken n’ Chips with Matt Okine
The Mix ABC TV

As part of the 2020 Byron Writers Festival Digital Schools Sessions, I interviewed award-winning comedian, acclaimed writer and actor, musician and former Triple J brekkie host Matt Okine about his funny, moving and sometimes gross debut novel, Being Black and Chicken ‘n Chips, based on the loss of his mum when he was 12… as well covering the ongoing debate about chicken salt vs normal salt on your chicken n’ chips. Clips were also excerpted for The Mix arts program on ABC TV, further increasing the Festival’s audience and reach.



And the moment I “got the lot” on the long-running quiz show Temptation (formerly Sale of the Century)…



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