Teaching, Research and Policy

I’ve taught across vocational, higher educational and community courses for over 15 years. I’ve taught and convened university courses on subjects such as the Future of Work, Podcast Production, Professional Internships, Creative Writing, Narratology, Literary Theory, Film Studies, Digital Literacies and more.

I regularly conduct workshops on Storytelling for Business, Positive Workplace Culture and Creative Writing for businesses and arts organisations. I’m also a fellow of the Centre for Workforce Futures at Macquarie University.

In 2022, I was commissioned by Creative Australia (formerly the Australia Council for the Arts) and the University of Technology Sydney to design and convene an innovative online course on Digital Transformation for the Creative Industries for small to medium arts organisations, arts managers and workers and creative practitioners across the country to help them understand and implement best digital practices and strategies.

Here’s what some of my students have said about my teaching:

  • Sunil made it very enjoyable and interesting.
  • Thank you so much Sunil for your amazing knowledge and sharing, you showed us very deep understanding of arts in general and technology.
  • I thought Sunil’s tutorials were excellent – he managed to be conversational and engaging even though he was delivering online which, as a presenter, often feels like you are talking to an empty room but he made me feel as if we were all in the room together. He was knowledgeable both about the course but also supplied interesting commentary on other matters that came up in conversation.
  • A fabulous lecturer. One of the best I have ever come across

I’ve also researched, written and presented whitepapers on the Future of Education, the Future of Work, Aged Care workforce reform and qualifications pathways, and vocational pathways for school leavers and worked with the NSW Department of Education and NSW Innovation Council.

If you’d like a warm, engaging and dynamic teacher or an academic researcher who can quickly and comprehensively synthesise research and complex concepts compellingly and engagingly, get in touch!


The Future of Education

for Canon Australia

Based on extensive research, including interviews with some of Australia’s most prominent academics, policymakers, commentators, and frontline educators, such as Peter Hutton, Jane Caro, Adrian Piccoli and more, the Future of Education asks: how do we prepare the workers of the future to become learners for life, and how to adapt and innovate to keep pace with the Disruption Revolution?


The Reimagined Personal Care Worker

for skills IQ on behalf of the aged care industry reference committee (ASIRC)

The Reimagined Personal Care Worker discussion paper was prepared by me for the Centre for Workforce Futures at Macquarie University and SkillsIQ Limited.
The paper asked questions of stakeholders framed around three key areas:

  • The breadth of care recipients’ needs
  • The range and complexity of the skills and capabilities required to meet those needs
  • The extent to which an individual worker can meet those needs versus the scope of the role as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
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